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Cracked Corn what do you use

Discussion in 'Ingredients' started by shedhead, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. shedhead

    shedhead New Member

    Just looking for what ya'll like to use or have had bad luck with.
    I get mine at the local co op. Always consistent quality as most of it is grown just south of here.

    Mostly I am just trying to start what could be an educational thread for all:)
  2. stainless_dude

    stainless_dude New Member

    Corn I get from the feed store, used to use cracked corn but now using whole corn, my mill seems to feed better with whole.
    Also get my wheat and oats there as well. Am fairly lucky as there is lots of farming here.
    My two row barley I get from the brew shop in 50 pound sacks.
    Price for 50 lb of corn is about $12 here
  3. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch New distiller

    I buy my cracked corn at the local feed supply shop. They charge 11.50 for a 50 lb bag. I get my 2 row barley and rye literally right across the street at the brew supply shop.
    How fine do you mill your corn?
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
  4. Frodo

    Frodo old fart

    I use a blender, powder

    i just use sweet feed
  5. meatheadinc

    meatheadinc Super Moderator

    About 1mm square for me. Some flour some 2mm square. But mostly 1mm
  6. Sconie_Shiner

    Sconie_Shiner Old Timer

    I buy my corn at the local Farm and Fleet store for about $9.00/50lb bag. If I know I will be using the corn right away, I will buy cracked corn. If I think I'll be a while working my way through a bag, I'll buy whole corn as it keeps better.
    I buy wheat directly from a local elevator and malt some of it myself. Barley malt and other grains come from the Wine and Hop Shop.

    I do a pretty fine grind with my motorized antique Korn King grinder and use steam injection to cook the daylights out of the corn.
  7. Stiller Don

    Stiller Don New Member

    I'm with Frodo. Grind cracked corn in the blender to a fine powder.
    You can scale back about 1/5 the corn in a recipe with fine meal, and thus extend the corn you have on hand.
    Thank goodness for Farmer Co-ops. About $8 for 56lbs of cracked corn. CHEAP!