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Gin Appratus

Discussion in 'Beginners Distillation Forum' started by Owly, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Owly

    Owly New Member

    I have a device based on a glass canning jar that is intended for infusing beer with fresher hop flavors. There is a stainless steel screen, and two stainless steel pipes, each 1/2" actual OD. I plan to use a pressure cooker with a fitting that will mate to one of the stainless steel tubes. One goes to the top of the jar sitting upright, and one to the bottom. The jar will be inverted, so the vapor will enter one and exit the other. The jar will be only a few inches above the pressure cooker lid. Connections will be via brass ferrule fittings. The outlet will go to the condenser coil. The botanicals of course will be in the jar... beneath the screen when sitting on the table, above the screen when sitting on top of the pressure cooker.
    My question is would it be better to bring the vapors up through the longer tube to the top of the botanicals basket and allow them to migrated down and exit through the shorter tube, or bring them into the botanicals basket via the shorter tube, and out through the longer tube at the top........ downflow or upflow. Both tubes project through the lid enough that any liquid that condenses will remain in the jar rather than exiting through the shorter tube either into the pot or the condenser.

    Thoughts / ideas anybody?

    I'm currently brewing an 18% abv "gin beer" which will receive an infusion of botanicals done with a bit of Everclear, and hope to freeze concentrate it up to close to 30% ABV. Using a champaign yeast, and a rye / wheat base fermented out at about 3% ABV using brewing yeast, it is getting a daily "feeding" of invert sugar syrup, and an oxygen blast. Gravity is currently 1.040, and percolating away nicely. As I approach the upper end, I will reduce the size of my sugar additions, and try to keep the gravity under 1.020, hoping to finish around 1.018. This is my first serious attempt at a really high gravity beer, with regular gravity readings, yeast nutrient, and oxygen blast. I'm about 25% of the way through my sugar syrup which is merely table sugar inverted using cream of tartar, and boiled up to 130F, then thinned down. Brew volume began at one gallon, with a 2 gallon final volume, filled out with the water in the syrup. My infusion will include a very small amount of a fruity hop (Mosaic) along with juniper berries (local), Coriander, star anise, cinnamon stick, some sweet orange peel and some cardamom, and a tiny hint of fresh ground black pepper. It will be strained through a coffee filter after sieving off the botanicals, before adding to the beer. I'll probably use about half a pint of Everclear to make the infusion.