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    Hey Home Distillers,
    Thought you might be interested in the following news:
    Your Christmas gift has come early from Gladfield Malt and BeerCo with a limited time / limited stock / 50% off sale on the following 3 superb quality Gladfield Distilling and Brewing Malts:
    Strictly Limited Stocks and Availability as follows:

    Gladfield Distillers Malt Best Before - 28 Feb 2017 was $59.95 now $39.95 / bag

    • 10 x 25Kg Bags ex MEL warehouse
    Gladfield Distillers malt is made exclusively from 2-row distilling barley varieties grown in Canterbury, NZ and perfectly suited to single malt distilling. Gladfield Distillers malt has been gently kilned to preserve enzyme content with the resulting malt both high extract and diastatic power. Gladfield Distillers Malt can be used in conjunction with Gladfield Mild Peat Smoked Malt or Manuka Smoke Malt if desired.

    Gladfield Mild Peat Smoked Malt Best Before - 28 Feb 2017 was $77 now $39.95/bag

    • 12 x 25Kg Bags ex MEL warehouse
    Gladfield Mild Peat Smoke is made from the wonderful Gladfield Distillers Malt which is smoked in-house in the Gladfield Malt Smoker using 100% New Zealand Peat sourced from the deep south of the South Island, New Zealand. The resulting Mild Peat Smoked malt is infused with a traditional mild, soft earthy flavour with phenols between 3 – 5 ppm.

    Gladfield Mild Peat Malt is primarily suited for making high quality craft single malt whisky but is also great when used to add depth and flavour to Scotch ales or darker malt forward beers.

    Certificate of Analysis Batch # 001

    Gladfield Manuka Smoke Malt - Best Before - 31 Mar 2017 was $96.25 now $49.95 / 25kg bag
    • 7 x 25Kg Bags ex MEL warehouse available
    Gladfield Malt take their top quality Canterbury, NZ distilling barley varieties and smoke it over 100% Manuka wood from the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

    Gladfield Manuka Smoke Malt is smooth and overlaid with floral, sweet characteristics. Manuka Smoke Malt can be used either for brewing or distilling.

    Perfect for a Kiwi twist to a Rauchbier or in any other beer style where a level of smokiness is required. Manuka Smoke Malt can be used anywhere from 1% to 100% depending on the required smoke level.

    Manuka Smoke malt is also excellent when distilled, and imparts a smooth, natural smokiness with distinct manuka notes to the finished whisky that is unique to New Zealand.

    Gladfield Manuka Smoke Malt is a truly unique malt using a native tea tree to New Zealand long revered for its therapeutic properties by indigenous and modern day New Zealand.

    ORDER NOW! Limited Stocks!