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High Alcohol Fermentation

Discussion in 'Mashing, Fermentation, and Yeast' started by Owly, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Owly

    Owly New Member

    I've been involved in distillation before, having helped to build a still for a friend. His typical wash was only about 8% according to my hyrometer readings. I'm currently working on an extreme beer that will hopefully hit about 18%. It does require daily "feeding" and oxygenation, and keeping the gravity reasonable to keep the osmotic pressure down and the yeast active, as well as a champagne yeast capable of that gravity. From the experience I've had distilling, the process is time consuming, so the higher the ABV you begin with, the better the yield for the time spent in distillation. My daily "feedings" involve nothing more than pulling the cork and pouring some invert sugar syrup in from a growler. My sealed growler which was heat sterilized is stored in a bucket of Starsan along with my hydrometer and hydrometer tube. Daily samples are returned to the fermenter.
    If I'm successful in this, and I've brewed hundreds of gallons of beer of many styles, I plan to use the same basic procedure in creating a distillers wash. Beginning with any grains, etc that will be flavor elements, and filling out the ABV with invert sugar. I'll be working from my 7 gallon Fast Ferment conical in a temperature controlled environment that remains between 60F and 65F to minimize the development of undesirable flavors and undesirable alcohols such as fusels.