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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by CPTNHOWDY, Oct 9, 2017.


    CPTNHOWDY New Member

    Whats up my dudes?
    I'm not new to distilling, but i am a novice
    With any mash other than a honey wash. (5lbs of honey to 5 gallons of water) Im now a brewing type fella, but love my hard cider!
    I made my own still from a 15 gallon beer keg, full copper head, 1.5 gallon copper thumper, and 5/8" plumbing, worm. Just got me a 55 gallon drum and ready to start a corn mash! (witch i have some questions for the masters)
    I have read ALOT of everyones stuff in here and got to say i will be a active member!.... there is SOOOO.... much stuff i want to attempt to make.... "got the bug!"
    Really excited to take this hobby into the much better quality world!...
    Thanks for listening!!!

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