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moonshine at your eclipes party

Discussion in 'HomeDistilling Announcements & Feedback' started by Justin at HBS, May 31, 2017.

  1. Justin at HBS

    Justin at HBS New Member

    The last time a total solar eclipse was visible from the United States was July 11, 1991, and even then it could only be seen from part of Hawaii. Since that time, sky watchers have had their sights set on August 21, 2017, which will mark the first time since February 26, 1979, a total solar eclipse has been visible from the contiguous United States. While this eclipse will be the first since 1918 with a path of totality crossing the USA’s Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the ideal location to view it will be nestled in the heart of western Kentucky. Fire up those stills yall and watch the moon block the sunshine with a jar of moonshine.