My First Batch of Whiskey

Discussion in 'DIY Projects' started by Reiner, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Reiner

    Reiner New Member

    Ok so I recently helped my cousin make whiskey and I thought Id post how we did it . Ill leave out the early prep process for the sake of convenience .

    1 . We took 6 kilos of corn mash and heated it up in the still till it became a thin mush of liquid .

    2. Next we cooled down the still to below 62 degress celsius .

    3. After that we added a bag of malt to the mix .

    4 . Then we heated up the malt , whilemaking sure the temperature didnt rise above 72 degress celsius .

    5 . Then we did an iodine test ( several times actually ) and when it turned dark purple ( IIRC) we added the sugar .

    6. I had to go do something else but I believe my cousin heated up the sugar a bit.Then we cooled it down to about 40 degrees celsius .

    7. We finally added a special type of beer yeast to the mix . The yeast got added to a jug of lukewarm water before being poured into the mix .

    8. We waited 2 weeks for the mash to ferment and then we distilled it .

    I might jot down a more in depth post about my first experience later on .Anyways any sort of feedback is welcome .
  2. Mash head

    Mash head New Member

    Sounds good, are you aiming for a bourbon with the corn? What % of alc did you manage to get out of your mash and ferment?
  3. Reiner

    Reiner New Member

    40% . The whiskey itself turned out to be sort of hit and miss . I found it to be drinkable , but one of my acquaintances actually spit it out .
  4. Hat

    Hat New Member

    Single pass through a potstill? Did you make any cuts?
  5. Reiner

    Reiner New Member

    We ran the mash 2 times through the still. The methanol was taken off on the second run .

    For what its worth this whole cuts business is still new to me ,but Ill take the time to read up on it .
  6. Rum

    Rum New Member

    First off, ditch adding the sugar. You went through all the work of an all grain recipe and added sugar to it. What was the percent alcohol, before distillation?

    Cuts are crucial. Just keeping all but fores during the second run, of course it was less than impressive.
  7. Reiner

    Reiner New Member

    Im not sure because we didnt measure the alcohol content of the mash before distillation .