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  1. Frodo

    Frodo old fart

    building a shotgun condenser

    using 6'' stainless pipe and 9 1/2'' stainless pipes as my down tubes

    I am in the middle of the build

    as you can see, it started out with copper down tubes, but, I soldered it up
    and a leak would pop up, as I fixed that leak, the heat would cause another.
    it was like that wac-a-mole game at the fair, so i pulled the copper
    bought some 1/2'' ss and that was the end of that Bs.

    i have got to weld the end caps on, it will be done.

    this sucker will cool what ever yo need

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  2. Rum

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    She's purdy! I think. I wish I had a TIG welder. I am building a 4" dephlagamator right now and a 2" shotgun. Going to leave room on the top of the dephlagamator for a gin basket on neutral runs.
  3. Frodo

    Frodo old fart