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    Not the worst guide but contains a multitude of bad practices
    Plastic should never be used with spirit. Eg. Plastic collection bottle, plastic filter etc. Plastic fermentstion vessels are fine, but not for spirtits.

    Sorry if these comments sound harsh but lets not perpetuate bad practice.

    Poor cuts.
    Good cuts would include.
    Fores- nasties . Mainly ethyl acetate - discard.
    Heads -mainly good alcohol with some fores. -save for redistillation.
    Hearts. -good ethanol- final drinking product.
    Tails- mainly good alcohol with some heavier compounds and oils to be saved for redistillation.
    By making good cuts polishing or carbon is not needed.
    The key here is not to be greedy.
    Use multiple small jars for collection(approx200ml) leave air for 24 hours and by using your sensors (taste smell) cuts will become clear.

    Turbo yeasts are expensive with high specific gravities and generally ferment too fast.
    If using turbo yeast a good trick is to double the amout of water in the fermenter. This slows the ferment and puts less stress on the yeast as well as lowering the SG.

    Vodka on a pot still will take multiple runs to make a resonable product. (Re-running hearts only)Pot still are for a flavoured spirits ( usually multiple runs also- multiple strip runs combined to a spirit run)

    Vodka is best left to a reflux still.

    Operation temps on a pot still will vary on each still and will change with prob location as well. Pot stills are best run using your senses eg. Taste smell and feel. And not from a thermometer.

    I am sure there are more issue as i only breifly skipped through a couple of the vids.
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    No, just stop. Plastic jugs, charcoal vice carbon, no cuts, rubber bands, turbos, etc.

    The videos are decent, content needs improvement. Lots of bad info.
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    Anyone promoting the information and practices in the linked videos should be banned from contributing to this forum.
    I have avoided "how to" distilling videos on youtube. I tried to watch one of the linked videos. Now I know what all the bitching has been about. Loads of BAD information.
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