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New to distilling

Discussion in 'Still Discussion' started by stacey winters, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. stacey winters

    stacey winters New Member

    I want to learn how to distill whisky, rum, corn shine and other alcohols. So what would the best still to use for all round distilling for a new comer.
  2. meatheadinc

    meatheadinc Super Moderator

    im biased but i would have to say a modular plated column for flavoured spirits adding a packed section for neutrals. this gives you the best versatility.

    a pot still is great for flavoured spirts
    a packed reflux column is great for neutrals.

    as a first still, a pot still may be the cheapest easiest way to cut your teeth.
  3. Justin at HBS

    Justin at HBS New Member

    Pot still for sure, you can always do multiple runs for high proof neutrals if need be. For good whiskey, rum, and brandy you can't beat a pot still. Pot still produce a lower proof, lower proof mean more flavor brought through from the ferment. Reflux will produce a high proof but and carry over less flavors from the ferment.
  4. Turbo

    Turbo New Member

    Id have to echo them. Start out easy and simple. Learn the finer art of fermentation how your still runs and aging. I really wish Id of focused more on aging when I first started out. Get good at it then maybe add a doubler. Then get into the more complex things.