Where do i buy a still?

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  1. Duendecita

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    I am creating a micro distillery to produce gin. I am looking for an experimental copper still (30-80 gallons).
    I seek ideally a second hand professional still for the price but can consider a new one.
    Where do I look? What country, regions, manufacturers, website etc?

    Thank you
  2. meatheadinc

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    Where abouts in the world are you ?
    A rough location would help.

    What style of still are you after ? Plated, pot, reflux,gin baskets, carterheads etc ?
    Are you making your neutral or buying it in ?
    The more info the better the advice

    News units- although most are stainless
    USA: Visionstills

    Australia and NZ: coppercustomstillcomponents +will ship os
    Five star distilling